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Clear Negative Energies

Home And Property Clearing

When the vibrational energy in our home, office or property gets stuck, becomes negative or stagnate, it can alter the energy flow of the space and may even affect the occupants who use the space.

Restoring balance to the vibrational energies in the home, office or property has the effect to:

  • Create a more positive energy flow.
  • Help plants to grow.
  • Remove any leftover vibrations from the previous owners before moving into a new home.
  • Clear stagnate energy and remove your vibrational energies when preparing to sell your home, making the energy clear for the new buyers.

The time it takes to do a home, office or property energy cleanse depends on the size, nature and scope of the task at hand. For example a typical 2000 sq ft home will take approx. 3 hours.

Session time: Depending on the size and location 2 - 4 hour

Travel charges may apply.


A Note About Earthbound Spirits

Earthbound Spirits wander and remain on the earth plane with unresolved thoughts and feelings and will attach themselves to either people with similar unresolved thoughts and feelings or to places without even knowing they are doing so.

It is the old adage of “like attracts like”, and the resonance of that unresolved life issue is when the attachment occurs. Similar to what happens in our physical relationships with others. We tend to gravity to people with the same life issues. If we are depressive, then other people who are depressive tend to be in our lives. The same is true with Earthbound spirits. For example a living person with addictive behaviors may attract spirits with addictive tendencies. People who work in hospitals, that have a nurturing quality, may attract spirits to their energy field that are looking for someone to take care of them, leaving the hospital worker feeling tired and overburdened and not even knowing why.

Other reasons for Earthbound Spirits to remain on the earth plane…

If they died suddenly, they would be in a state of shock leaving them stuck in a tape loop, often repeating the moment either just before or just after the moment of death. In this situation, they may not even know they are dead! 

They may be emotionally distraught with anger, fear, grief, shame, guilt, wanting to get revenge, be depressive, have addictive behaviors, or be confused. They may be caretakers still wanting to nurture others, or are concerned about a loved one or another living person.

How Spirits affect the living…

Earthbound Spirits have no awareness they have attached themselves to the living, and are quite often unaware they are dead. They exist in a trance state and are only focused with their own unresolved thoughts and feelings. We could also think of them as soul fragments that are emotionally charged psychological complexes looking for a place to resolve their unfinished business. And the place to do this is in a physical body. This is why the Earthbound Spirits or psychological complexes would attach to the living, because we have bodies and they do not.

Sometimes Spirits will also stay attached to places, often waiting for the return of a loved one or have some unfinished business or project to complete. They too would be unaware they are dead and only want to resolve their unfinished business.

Helping Earthbound Spirits…

To help release Earthbound Spirits from there attachment to either people or places on the earth plane, I use the basic principals of regression work to return them to their proper plane of existence. Once the Earthbound Spirit has permanently moved onto a better place, I then work to resolve the living persons same life issue as the Earthbound Spirit, which is why the connection formed in the first place, so that no more Spirit attachments occur for that particular issue. We also discover, in this process, when in the persons life the attachment occurred, be it the current or a past life.

This work is done with love, gentleness, understanding and care, just as if the Earthbound Spirit were a real person

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