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Resolve Ancestral Patterns of Behavior

The spirits of our ancestors, although physically gone, may still feel compelled to hang around the living family members to complete their unfinished business through the family line. Even though we don’t think about our ancestors or know very little about them; our habits, behaviors and psychological complexes can be very similar to them.

When we do start to investigate our family tree, we may discover patterns that have been happening for generations such as addictions, incest, abuse, illnesses and other family dynamics. This can be quite illuminating to realize that these unhealthy family traits are still being carried forward down the family line.

Once we become aware of these unhealthy family dynamics, what does one do about it? The first step is to get help, to try and change the habit, behavior or psychological complex, so that it is not carried on down the family line. This is really great progress for the living family members, but what about the ancestors who are still in pain and hurting? The very reason we “adopted” those habits and behaviors to begin with. Our ancestors need healing as well! When we heal our ancestors, we also heal ourselves and our descendants.

Our Ancestors, similar to those of earthbound spirits are not the total soul of the individual but a fragment that remains close to the earth plane. These types of spirits which can affect both places and people need healing and want to tell their story, so they can move onto a better place.

It is often said that it is the responsibility of the living to help heal the ancestral lineage.

In my own family, I have noticed specific dynamics from one generation to the next that have made me become more conscious of where my own habits and behaviors come from. For example, I started drinking coffee recently, and very seldom, but it was the way I was preparing it that my sister had pointed out was the same way my paternal Grandmother would drink it. Another example was myself wanting to continue on with the same way my Mother lived, a stay at home wife who kept a beautiful home, was very creative with decorating and was an excellent cook. Traits that I did not inherit, yet after her passing I had the very strong urge to do all these things. Once I became conscious of this influence and why, I needed to let go of her, so she could move on and I could get back to being me. In memory of her I now honor those parts of herself in my own way.

Looking at our ancestors is no easy task and can be a lifelong journey. But when we do, it can be very illuminating and healing for both you, the ancestors and the descendants.

If you wonder why you have trouble with relationships, infidelity, keeping money in your pocket or any other habit, behavior or psychological complex, looking at your family history may be the first step towards healing.

Using the same basic principals of regression work, we can go back in your family history to help you heal the family patterns of behavior.


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