JoAnn Stoneberg ~ Soul Investigation Intuitive Astrologer


Clearing Negative Energy from an Object

I know that JoAnn was meant to come into my life.  I met her at the Calgary Tattoo Show in 2016 when she booked a photo session with me.  A year later, I found myself in a rut and although I hadn’t really done anything like it before, I asked her to come in for a Home Clearing.  As soon as she walked in, she said, “Let’s talk about what’s going on with you first.” My mother had recently passed away and I found myself full of guilt and sadness.  JoAnn was able to lead me through an exercise to say the things I’d never been able to say to my Mom when she was alive, and to cut the unbeneficial karmic ties.  It was like a giant weight was lifted.  Afterwards, I suddenly thought about a mask that my husband had been given years earlier.  It always creeped me out and I hadn’t thought about it for a long time but asked JoAnn if negative energy can be stored in a material object.  She said that it can and when I mentioned the mask, she pointed to the basement corner closet where it was stored.  She could sense the mask without me even telling her where it was.  We removed the mask from my home and she did a cleansing and burning ceremony to release the souls that had become trapped inside of it.  My house feels brighter, I have more energy, my plants have started to grow, and my daughter’s nightmares have stopped.  I truly believe that JoAnn has made my life more positive and am thankful that she was able to help.

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Resolve Repeating Patterns

"Thanks again so much for everything. Clarity continues to come, and I feel big changes coming.  If you’re seeking to understand yourself more and determined to work through repeating patterns in your life that you feel no longer serve you, JoAnn is the individual you need to see for moving yourself forward. JoAnn has been instrumental in helping me understand repeating patterns in my personal life and how they affect me showing up in the world. Her knowledge in astrology coupled with her education in past life regression is a great combination to understand your individual journey and the reasons why you go through the scenarios you’ve manifested for yourself. JoAnn’s style of spiritual counseling is a new age, new way of therapy for those who are open to a new modality of unblocking issues in your life. I highly recommend JoAnn to help guide you through issues to bring you insight and clarity."

~~ W. ~~

Getting Clarity and Removing Road Blocks

I have been to JoAnn for an intuitive tarot reading three times and a past life regression twice now. I will say it is always an amazing experience. I have received guidance to help me with my personal and professional life, she always hits the nail on the head with what is going on with me! I have been able to take my life in the direction I wish it to go and remove all the road blocks in my way. The past life regression session was a pleasant experience and I left feeling safe and easy. Thanks JoAnn

~~ K. ~~

Getting Clear in Making Decisions

I just want to thank you for the great message that you delivered. I feel so light and so energetic after the reading. I now know what's happening to me and that is to prepare myself to be a better person. Thank you for the message."

~~ S. ~~

Moving Forward

JoAnn helped me move forward out of some difficult situations.  With compassion and a strong understanding she helped me discover the number of possible solutions I had.  She also helped me figure out which solution would be best for me.  Her insight is thoughtful clear and accurate.

~ D ~

Selling the House

JoAnn is an experience to remember!  We had our house listed for months with no movement. I brought JoAnn in to clear my home.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest wasn’t really thinking much would happen. WOW was I surprised!  The house sold two weeks later!! I would highly recommend JoAnn!  

-J -